Ant Lion
GnG2 EN AntLion
Also Known As Ant Monster
From Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Game Boy Advance)
In Level 2
Type of Character Enemies

"Giant-sized version of their counterpart in the human world. Their hard armor makes them impossible to kill. An Ant Lion will mature to become an Ogre Mayfly."
-Capcom Generations Entry-

Ant Lion (あり地獄 Arijigoku) is an enemy that has a nest in the deepest part of quicksand pits; they will come out to get Arthur if he gets close enough to the bottom.

Unlike most monsters in the game, Ant Lions are simply invincible: Arthur cannot eliminate them in any way, even with his most powerful weapons.

Being the young form of Ogre Mayflies, these creatures will always be flying near their sand pits.


  • Real-life antlions behave in pretty much the same way. They dig sand pits and wait for their prey (usually ants) to stumble inside. Once detected, the ant lion will make sure their prey falls inside by throwing sand to them, greeting them with their huge sicklelike jaws.
  • The adult form of real antlions also look like dragonflies.

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