The Firebrand is a sword powerup that gives Maximo's sword fire powers. The Firebrand can be found in chests, dropped by enemies, or can be just floating around in some places. Firebrand is very effective on frozen enemies, yetis, grass enemies, anything that can be burned. If you aquire moves from enemies, etc, you can perform specific attacks. If you get the magic bolt ability, you can shoot firebolts at enemies by double tapping the triangle button. There is also a special downstrike attack that creates a fire shockwave. When you get a powerup for your sword, you will notice a circle appear around the symbol in the upper left corner where your health and shield strength is. The little squares in it are called units and whenever you hit an enemy, or preform a special attack, it uses up units. When you run out of units, the power goes away and you just have a regular sword again. You can recover units though by finding a sword charge which can be found in chests, prize wheels, or be dropped by enemies. A regular attack uses up one unit per hit, and firebolt uses up two units, and a fire downstrike attack uses up four units. Don't worry if a regular attack misses an enemy, for it doesn't use up a unit unless it hits the enemy. The special attacks always use up units wheter they hit or not so be careful on how you use it.

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