Ghosts 'n Demons
Release date 2015
Developer BonusJZ
Platforms Windows


Command heroic knight Sir Arthur on a quest to defeat the forces of evil and save kindnaped princess Prin Prin (B83 W50 H89). Scores of evil enemies awaits you , from zombies to gargoyles , ghosts to demons on your journey to save her. Will you survive the perils that lie in haunted countryside of demon world?

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Ghosts'nDemons map

Ghosts'n Demons map

Game consist 7 stages on 1 loop. After second stage you can chose ether fire or water route (your choose will affect 2 loop route). On 2 loop there extra 8 stage where you face true last boss.


Lance Dagger Torch Axe Cross Scythe Shield Crossbow Disc Goddess' Bracelet


Abilities without armour / basic :

- double jump (jump mid air)

- jump parry (perform duble jump at last moment above enemy)Arthur gains another jump/dodge or parry opportunity (all armours) - dodge (attack+jump)(can be performed mid air) invincible until just before the apex.Can land on enemies when falling back down. Landing on enemies with Dodge gives you another opportunity to jump/dodge or parry

- gesture (direction+gesture) perform various taunts

Abilities with armour :

- backflip (attack+jump)(can be performed mid air) similar to dodge but can attack enemy's. Can land on enemies when falling back down. Landing on enemies with Dodge gives you another opportunity to jump/backflip or parry. Not allowed after double jump

- ground pound - (while in air Down+Jump) when hitting an enemy or object with it, Arthur gains another jump

Abilities with gold armour :

- can throw 1 extra projectile

- stab (hold up+attack) melee attack dealing moderate damage, has piercing property

- down stab - (while in air down+attack) can pogo off of enemies dealing severe damage, gains an opportunity to other jump abilities after a successful hit

- uppercut (hold up+attack+jump) can hit multiple times for severe damage

- magic (hold down+attack+jump) only possible with Holy Flame weapon


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