Stage 2 area 1

Stage 2, Ghost Town (ゴーストタウン), is the second stage from Ghosts 'n Goblins, an abandoned town with several monster.


First halfEdit

This area resembles several towers with water below. Blue Killers appear from the windows.

Second halfEdit


Stage 2 area 2

The beginning is a building landscape that serves as the checkpoint. This area features a lot of buildings and structures, Arthur passing by one of them, and then jumping platforms towards the end.



Stage 2 area 2 building

First half:

Second half:




Stage 2 area 2 platform jumping

When dealing with the Blue Demons its best to hit the first one and then run to the level platform and then fire at the other two and then deal with the first Big Man. Sometimes the Blue Demons when flying will move up or down while moving forward. It sometimes looks to not have anything to do with what the player does so take that into account. Blue Demons can return after flying off screen so beware!

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