Round 1

The first stage from Ghouls 'n Ghosts. It has a similar look to the first stage from Ghosts 'n Goblins and has the same music, except remixed.


First halfEdit

The Execution Place (処刑場, "Execution Ground"), also known as the The Hill of Torture, is where Arthur starts, an area used for executions that features many skulls, Skeleton Murderers, vultures, and guillotines. The area ends when Arthur crosses a large guillotine and a small bridge that collapses, reaching the checkpoint.

Second halfEdit

The Floating Island on the Lake is the second half of the stage. It starts with Sickle Weasels attacking and a strong wind pushes Arthur as he heads to a forest, where there are many Poisonous Flowers and Pigmen. In the end there is a gate protected by Shielder.


First half:

Second half:



Treasure Chest locationsContents
From the beginning, go left and jump.Magician
Walk below where the first Vulture appearsMagician
After passing by the first tree with vultures, jump to the ledge to make it appear belowArmor
Jump from the ledge before the tree with many vultures
Walking in the middle of the area with Sickle Weasels
Walking in the end of the area with Sickle WeaselsMagician
To the left of the last ladderWeapon

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