DC BO Grewon
From Demon's Crest
In Level 6-A, Palace of Decadence
Type of Character Bosses

Grewon is a fierce wolf of the barrens that feeds on demons using powerful jaws and strong legs.

Its main attack is jumping at you really fast from blind spots. It can breathe a strong poison if you try to fly over it at low attitude.

DC BO Grewon Lv.2

Phalanx's watchdog.

If you land a hit, it will shine green for a few seconds and just stand in position, breathing poison if you’re close. If you attack it while in this state, it will counterattack with a powerful leap that will probably reach you no matter where you are.

The one that lords over the Snowy Barrens will drop the final piece of the crest of fire, Demonfire. You will fight an even stronger one on the final area of the Palace of Decadence, keeping watch over Phalanx's chambers; it drops a full health restoration pickup.

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