The Lightbringer Sword enchants Maximo's sword with lightning and deals electric damage to enemies. (It also kinda makes your sword look like a lightsaber.) Lightning is more effective against water enemies. When Maximo gets the sword powerup, he obtains a unit meter around the symbol in the upper left corner. Whenever you strike an opponent, it uses up one unit, and when you run out of unit, then sword goes back to normal. However you can recover units by finding a sword charge from enemies, chests, or prize wheels. When you aquire a specific ability like magic bolt or doomstrike, you can preform special attacks. Magic Bolt allows you to shoot a lightning bolt at enemies and doom strike allows you to send out a lightining shockwave to damage surrounding enemies. A magic bolt uses up 2 units and a doomstrike uses up 4 units. The only attack that doesn't use up units if it misses is your regular attack.

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