Malwous (マルアス Maruasu) is a minor character from Demon's Crest, an old demon that can be found near the entrance of the town in Stage II. He is very knowledgeable and will inform Firebrand about what each Talisman can do when equipped with one. Although the English manual states that he runs a Talisman shop, nothing can be bought from him. The pots in his room can be broken.


  • "According to this book, the humans had treasures called a "talismans". They are rumored to be hidden somewhere in this world. The book says that "he who is equipped with the talisman will gain magical powers"." - No talisman equipped.
  • "This is the "talisman" called "Crown". It will allow you to collect money more easily." - With the Crown talisman equipped.
  • "This is the "talisman" called "Skull". It allows you to capture Soul energy more easily." - With the Skull talisman equipped.
  • "This is the "talisman" called "Armor". It helps you to withstand the shock of attacks." - With the Armor talisman equipped.
  • "This "talisman" is called "Fang" and it allows you to increase your magical power." - With the Fang talisman equipped.
  • "This is the "talisman" called "Hand". It will enable you to use your magic more quickly." - With the Hand talisman equipped.

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