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Red Arremer Joker
Red Arremer Joker
Also Known As Red Armor Joker
From Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts R
In Level Village of Decay Revisited (2b-2)
Type of Character Boss

He is the ruler of the whole red arremer clan, resulting from the evolution of a Red Arremer King. Only one of his kind can exist at a given time; if the current Joker were to die, either the oldest Red Arremer King will evolve and take his place, or all of the kings will battle for the right to take the Joker mantle.

In Namco X Capcom, he plays a major role as the highest ranking general under Astaroth's command, always ensuring that things go as his emperor desires; however, he feels no loyalty towards Nebiroth. It is possible that he is actually Firebrand, evolved to Joker status, because at several points in-game, he is referred to as "the red demon who follows the crest", possibly refering to Demon's Crest. He commands several batallions of ghouls, each led by a small force of red arremers.

Powers and abilities:

He wears a royal battle armor that increases his endurance many times. Even though bulky and heavy, he still manages to soar effortlessly, though he is slightly less agile than lesser rank red arremers. However, he is still quite hard to hit when he focuses on defensive tactics (often when near death).

He is an expert user of fire and energy magic. Has limited psychic power, which enables him to control the behaviour of his spells and fireballs at will long after being cast. He can also summon high-ranking red arremer aces to the battle as helpers.

He is the leader of the Red Arremer Tribe.

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