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Red Arremer Joker
Red Arremer Joker
Also Known As Red Armor Joker
From Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (GBA)
In Level Village of Decay Revisited (2b-2)
Type of Character Boss

Red Arremer Joker (レッドアリーマー・ジョーカー Reddo Arīmā Jōkā) is a massive Red Arremer the rules the whole Red Arremer Tribe that presumably resulted from the evolution of a Red Arremer King.


Super Ghouls 'n GhostsEdit

Red Arremer Joker is a boss from the Arrange Mode in the Game Boy Advance version.

Namco × CapcomEdit

Red Arremer Joker plays a major role as the highest ranking general under Astaroth's command. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.

Red Arremer Joker is the proud leader of the Demon's Blazon suppression corps, which is responsible for dealing with any threats to the Demon World Village, and commands several Red Arremers. He first appears in Prologue 4, defending the Demon World Village from Valkyrie, Morrigan and Demitri and giving them a chance to retreat due to them being outnumbered and for them to seek the silver knight Arthur that took down the village years ago. He is always ensuring that things go as Astaroth desires; however, he feels no loyalty towards Nebiroth, and leaves him during their battle against Arthur and his allies in Chapter 34.

He returns in Chapter 41 for a final battle against Arthur in Belcrant. Before dying, it is revealed that he is the red demon that fought in the war of the crests centuries ago in the Demon World and put an end to the war. He says that the current situation is the same as that war, a massive conflict that could destroy the world and where people steal each other's powers, and wanted to see how the heroes that took down the Demon World Village would fight in this war, even if that meant falling in disgrace. Arthur than vows to the fallen hero that he will put an end to the chaos.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Red Arremer Joker wears a royal battle armor that increases his endurance many times. Even though bulky and heavy, he still manages to soar effortlessly, though he is slightly less agile than lesser rank Red Arremers. However, he is still quite hard to hit when he focuses on defensive tactics (often when near death).

He is an expert user of fire and energy magic. Has limited psychic power, which enables him to control the behaviour of his spells and fireballs at will long after being cast. He can also summon high-ranking Red Arremer Aces to the battle as helpers.

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