Storm Fortress (嵐の砦) is stage 2-1 from Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins.


This stage is set outside an old, crumbling castle. It is raining, and sometimes the wind gets stronger, pushing or pulling Arthur. Lightning strikes the terrain, making some parts fall. After defeating a Red Arremer (two of them in the second visit), Arthur goes inside the Death Castle.

Unknown TowerEdit

Unknown Tower is a small area that can only be accessed with the Unseal Magic. This area is filled with circular saws and a few stone objects, which can be destroyed with the Gorgon Magic. The tombstone in the end of the area has an Angelic Armor, which is required to reach the top, where is a giant, chained statue of Hades. The spiked stone in the top has a Light Ring, and the others contain shields.

In Gokumakaimura Kai, this area contains many items.




  • ST 2-1 Warp Staff: To the left of the Unknown Tower's entrance.
  • Invincible Magic: Hidden in treasure chest after the Giant Greys.
  • Youngbird Blood: In the end of the rainy area, where the crushing mechanisms are, fly to the bottom right.
  • Light Rings:
    • Easy to spot. Requires flight, unless the player is willing to lose a life.
    • In the same room of the Warp Staff. Defeat the two Giant Greys to make it appear.
    • In the end of the rainy area, where the crushing mechanisms are, fly to the bottom right.
    • In the top of the Unknown Tower. Requires flight (Angelic Armor) and Gorgon Magic.

Treasure Chests:


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