Arthur surrounded by zombies.

The Dead Place is the first stage from Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Following the tradition of the Ghosts 'n Goblins series, it is a forest-like graveyard with the primary enemies being Zombies, as well as using the similar background music.


First halfEdit


Stage 1, Area 1

The Haunted Graveyard (呪われた墓場, "The Cursed Graveyard") is the first area. The stage's foundation changes from erupting earthquakes. Here Arthur fights zombies, Weredogs, and Skull Flowers. After walking a while, Arthur reaches a water-like environment with dangerous tidal waves that destroy the terrain and leaves Shells.

Second halfEdit


Stage 1, Area 2

The Forest of Fear (暗黒の密林, "The Dark Jungle") is the second half and the checkpoint. It is an abandoned island covered in vines and filled with Rose Buds and Belials. Upon exiting the stage, Arthur discovers the Cockatrice and must defeat it to pass by the gate.



Stage 1, Area 2

First half:

Second half:



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