Vermilion Horror (sic, SNES manual) is the third stage from Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts. This is Stage 3-a in the Arrange Mode from the Game Boy Advance port.


First halfEdit

Crucible of Flame (溶鉱炉, "Dissolved Ore Furnace") is the first area. Deep within the earth, the flame of evil burns brightly. Its glow forebodes despair and darkness to all who venture here.

Second halfEdit

Towers of Molten Steel (溶鉱の塔, "Tower of Dissolved Ore") is the second area. The sight of the twin towers strikes terror into the hearts of men. Within these walls, the monsters of the Demon Realm practice their darkest evils.


  • Gririan
  • Red Arremer Ace
  • Petite Goblin
  • ?
  • .....



Side note: Watch out for that Red Arremer Ace at the end of the Crucible of Flame, he seems to dodge attacks like with ease . To beat him, just use a magic attack by holding the attack button down while with the Golden Armor.

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