"Welcome to Trio the Pago. We especialize in gaming for demons."Edit
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Trio the Pago is a headbutting minigame from Demon's Crest. It can be played on three somewhat hidden locations accessed from the map. The first one is clearly shown as a location tile (easy), the second one is shown as a forest tile on a small island (medium), and the third one is on a small lake tile (hard).

Demon's Crest Hard Level Skull Headbutt Game01:11

Demon's Crest Hard Level Skull Headbutt Game


It is highly suggested to play these games with the Crown talisman equipped, as the skulls you need to destroy tend to drop money as they're smashed and the Crown ensures that you get only big coins.

Upon entering the room, the owner will welcome you and ask if you are willing to pay the fee and play in the current difficulty level. Upon agreeing, the BGM will change signalling the start of the game. You have to smash a certain number of skulls that will appear on random holes from the wall before the time (shown as several lit torches) runs out. While the game itself is really simple to understand, the difficulty levels will define how many skulls you need to smash to clear the game, how long they stay visible before switching to another hole, and on hard, if there is an additional skull.

The reward for clearing Easy and Medium difficulties is money, but on Hard the owner will congratulate you as the first to clear the game and award you with a health container. You don't need to clear all difficulties to get the container; you can challenge Hard mode right from the start, but it is quite challenging and, in the owner's words, "you might want to practice on the lower level".

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